Gillian Spraggs
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Charm to Bring Down Unshed Tears

Fall, rain, fall,
fall on the earth,
the frozen earth.
Flow, tears,
as the spring wells up,
as the stream flows,
as the river flows,
as the sea surges
flow, bitter tears,
out of the ice that's melting,
out of the heart that's thawing,
as the rain falls,
as the stream flows,
flow, tears,
loosen pain,
carry away grief,
cleanse, tears, the dammed up heart,
the frozen heart,
as the rain washes,
as the stream sluices,
as the sea scours
the land –
scour, tears, my heart,
my swollen heart.

My tears are falling with the rain,
my tears are flowing with the stream,
drifting away in the water,
flowing away in the stream,
whirling away in the swift river.
My tears are mixing with the sea,
lost forever in the salt sea,
my griefs forever in the salt sea.
Endlessly the sea shall bear them.
Endlessly the sea shall bear them.
Gillian Spraggs
Published in The Coffee House, Issue Ten, Autumn 2003
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