Gillian Spraggs
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Riddle Game

for Mog
It is a tower on a wooded hill.
Below, a secret well seeps elixir.
Unicorns drink there.

It is the crest on a strange creature.
Watch as it rears and stiffens.
The mouth opens slowly, like a rose.

It is a dolphin in a troubled sea,
leaping and turning.
The waves are full of weed; they taste of salt.

It is the mouthpiece of a deep recorder
mellow in tone, and vibrant.
Touch the hole with your finger: hear the note vary.

It is a ridge of folded rock
over a cave with glistening walls.
There are earthquakes in that country.
Gillian Spraggs
Published in Whatever You Desire. A book of lesbian poetry, ed. Mary Jo Bang, London, The Oscars Press, 1990 and in Love Shook My Senses. Lesbian Love Poems, ed. Gillian Spraggs, London, The Women’s Press, 1998
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