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[Marcus Valerius Martialis, c. AD 40–c. 104]

Epigram XC, Book I

Since, Bassa, I never saw you snog a male, 
since none of the talk gave you a fancy man,
but all your needs were always satisfied
by a crowd of your own sex – no man came near –
you seemed, I must admit, a model wife:
but you, it’s criminal! – Bassa, you fucked women.
You find the nerve to bring two cunts together
and fake a man’s part in abnormal sex.
You’ve made a riddle worthy of the Sphinx:
here, where no man is found, adultery's rife.
translated by Gillian Spraggs

Quod numquam maribus iunctam te, Bassa, videbam 
quodque tibi moechum fabula nulla dabat, 
omne sed officium circa te semper obibat 
turba tui sexus, non adeunte viro, 
esse videbaris, fateor, Lucretia nobis: 
at tu, pro facinus, Bassa, fututor eras. 
inter se geminos audes committere cunnos 
mentiturque virum prodigiosa Venus. 
commenta es dignum Thebano aenigmate monstrum. 
hic, ubi vir non est, ut sit adulterium.
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