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[Marcus Valerius Martialis, c. AD 40–c. 104]

Epigram LXVII, Book VII

Philaenis the bulldyke buggers boys
and hornier than a married man
she screws eleven girls a day.
Tucking her skirt up, she will play
at handball; smear herself with grit
and wrestle; with the bum-boys swing
the dumb-bells round; grow foul with sweat,
and even let the trainer’s whip 
correct her; next, she sinks her booze,
and pukes it up, in time for dinner;
wolfs a share of training rations
sixteen times over; then she swills.
After all this, it’s time to fuck.
Pricks she won’t suck; she thinks it’s sissy,
but gobbles up the cracks of girls.
Philaenis, may the gods bestow
what you think butch – a cunt to lick.
translated by Gillian Spraggs
Published in The Lesbian Pillow Book, ed. Alison Hennegan, London, Fourth Estate, 2000.

Pedicat pueros tribas Philaenis
et tentigine saevior mariti
undenas dolat in die puellas.
harpasto quoque subligata ludit,
et flavescit haphe, gravesque draucis
halteras facili rotat lacerto,
et putri lutulenta de palaestra
uncti verbere vapulat magistri:
nec cenat prius aut recumbit ante
quam septem vomuit meros deunces;
ad quos fas sibi tunc putat redire,
cum colophia sedecim comedit.
post haec omnia cum libidinatur,
non fellat (putat hoc parum virile),
sed plane medias vorat puellas.
di mentem tibi dent tuam, Philaeni,
cunnum lingere quae putas virile.
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