Gillian Spraggs
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Fragment 31

He seems to me the peer of gods, that man
who sits and faces you,
close by you hearing
your sweet voice speaking,

and your sexy laugh, which just this moment makes
the heart quake in my breast: for every time
I briefly glance towards you, then I lose
all power of further speech.

My tongue is smashed; at once a film of fire
runs underneath my skin; no image shapes
before my eyes;
my ears are whining like a whirling top;

cold sweat pours down me, and in every part
shuddering grips me;
I am paler than summer grass,
and seem to myself to need little to make me die.
translated by Gillian Spraggs
Published in Love Shook My Senses. Lesbian Love Poems, ed. Gillian Spraggs, London, The Women’s Press, 1998. A slightly different version was published previously in What Lesbians Do In Books ed. Elaine Hobby and Chris White, London, the Women's Press, 1991
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